100 years ago the planet of Zonami was under threat from a great and powerful evil, Denmait, leader of the demonus. The people of Zonami were worried this would be the end, until a group who called themselves "the chosen" found a way to destroy him, they opened a portal to another universe and sealed both denmait and the rest of the demonus into it forever trapping them in there, just before they trapped him he split the land into islands. Krentark, Saslivil, Tronmach, Jeruskivil and Ionmach. After he was trapped the islands could be travelled to by teleports as the seas were too rough to sail, but after awhile they realised the magic on the island was originally cared for by the demonus and without them the magic died out and the teleports became inactive. but one day one of the chosen realised teleports were glowing, they had reactivated so all the chosen living on Tronmach teleported to the other islands to find out how there working again

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